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Feras A. Batarseh is a Research Assistant Professor with the College of Science at George Mason University (GMU) and a Teaching Assistant Professor at Georgetown University. His research spans the areas of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Context-Aware Software Systems. Dr. Batarseh obtained his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida (UCF) (2007, 2011), and a Graduate Certificate in Project Leadership from Cornell University (2016). His research work has been published at various prestigious journals and international conferences. Additionally, Dr. Batarseh published and edited several book chapters. Dr. Batarseh has taught data science and software engineering courses at multiple universities including GMU, UCF, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), and George Washington University (GWU).

Latest News:

[Aug] Submission to the AAAI symposium is accepted: "Applications of Machine Learning in Forecasting International Trade Trends". To be presented in Nov 2019, events page.

[Aug 2019] Our research group's webpage launched:
[May 2019] Attending and presenting two posters on Data Incompleteness, and the Global AI race at Florida's AI Research Society Conference (FLAIRS); Sarasota, Florida.

[May 2019] Attending and presenting a paper (on data bias and context) at the Evaluation and Experimental Design in Data Mining and Machine Learning (EDML) workshop - the SIAM conference. Calgary, Canada.

[Oct 2018] "The Unspoken Race for Artificial Intelligence"; my latest article with the London School of Economics (LSE):

[Oct 2018] Invited talk: "Government Machine Learning Applications and the Future of Data Openness", presented to the academic delegation visiting GMU from Zhejiang Province, China.

[Aug 2018] Data Science Session Chair at the Seventh International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics, Hangzhou, China. 

[May 2018] Invited talk at the University of Alaska Anchorage (CSE department): "Machine Learning and Data Science Solutions for Software Engineering Challenges".

[Feb 2018] My latest entries into Springer's Encyclopedia of Big Data. To explore the Encyclopedia:

[Jan 2018] If you believe that access to science is a human right (as I do!), Open Science is the direction that we all need to adopt. My latest with the London School of Economics: 

[Jan 2018] My latest article... Text mining for better political insights.

[Dec 2017] My latest talk: An Open Mind on Open Science. The Dupont Summit:
[Dec 2017] My book: Federal Data Science - available now:

[Oct 2017] My interview with Predictive Analytics Times:

[Sep 2017] A new article about the future of AI (@London School of Econ (LSE) Business Review):

[Sep 2017] My Tedx talk (video coming soon): 


[Aug 2017] Chairing a data science session at the international geo-informatics conference


[Jun2017] A new paper published at: http://context17.lip6.fr/index.php
Context-Aware User Interfaces for Intelligent Emergency Applications

[Feb 2017] New paper published: Batarseh, F., Yang, R., and Deng, L., "A Comprehensive Model for Management and Validation of Federal Big Data Analytical Systems", Published at Springer's Journal of Big Data Analytics

[2016] New poster paper presented at the AIC workshop in New York, NY, at the BICA Conference: http://www.di.unito.it/~lieto/AIC2016/index.html 

Context-Driven Testing of Analytical Tools through Kansei Engineering

[2016] My papers used at University of Waterloo (for a student project):

[2016] New paper published at Elsevier's Journal of Big Data Research:

[2016] Latest book chapter now available!


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